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HD Video Detection System for Freight Train Loading State

Date:2017.12.12     Source:北京鼎汉技术股份有限公司


With the large-scale extension of video monitoring system in the railway field, the demand for further improvement of image quality has become the most urgent question at present. Especially, due to the demand for continuous improvement of the video image quality for traffic safety, HD image quality becomes the development direction for the video monitoring system. By using the HD video monitoring system, we can see clearly the details of the freight loading state on high-speed trains, and can observe subtle security risks. The HD video monitoring system, a revolutionary application in digital railway freight inspection, realizes the four synchronizations of “synchronous observation, synchronous discovery, synchronous marking and synchronous alarming”, greatly increases inspection timeliness and accuracy of freight loading state and provide guarantees for the safe operation of railway freight transportation.   

系统特点  System characteristics : 
1、 高清彩色清晰呈现每个细节(分辨率1920*1080)
 HD, colored and clear images show every detail ( resolution ratio: 1920*1080)

2、 高速摄像;(可适应0~120公里/小时的车速)

High speed photography; (adaptable to 0~120 Km/hr vehicle speeds)

3、 超宽动态,暗光或逆光环境拍摄图像同样清晰

Ultra wide tendency make the images shot in both dark-light and back-light environment are equally clear.

4、 视频按车厢分割,车辆图像快速定位

The video is separated by carriage, and quick positioning can be done for vehicle images. 

5 、与相关系统协同使用,效率显著提高,可扩展性强
It is used in conjunction with other related systems, so it has significantly improved efficiency and powerful expansibility.  

系统功能  System functions 

、来车快速启动   Start quickly if a train comes


After detecting a coming train signal through the starting module, the system starts to work timely.

2 图像自动存储,图像自动切割   Images are stored and cut automatically 


Automatically cut the images of abnormal trains such as a train for which sealing has been completed and a gondola which has an abnormal middle-gate lower latch.  

、视频回放快速方便,使用灵活  Video playback is operated quickly, easily and flexibly


The clear multi-dimensional video monitoring function realizes a new man-machine integration mode for freight inspection which integrates comprehensive pre-inspection by devices and key reinspection by men; the past static inspection depending on manpower and experience has been transformed into dynamic inspection depending on device and technology, which greatly increases accuracy and pertinence of freight inspection.  

4 随时查看,随时标注  View and make marks whenever necessary


When viewing the video images, the freight inspector can make a mark where he has any doubts or questions and make a mark on the key train to be inspected.  

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